Mini Split Heat Pump

outdoor heat pump installation by a technician

Get a Mini Split Heat Pump For Your Property

Heat and Air Install and Repair knows that there are many ways to distribute heated and cooled air into a property. Heat pumps are growing in popularity due to their unique form of operating with the source of outside or underground heat. Working with a mini split heating and cooling system, operations can be more efficient and provide for a smooth transition of air into the home. If you’d like to get situated with a mini split heat pump in Milton, PA contact our team of professionals today. We’re here to discuss your options at 570-742-3253 at any time.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split AC System?

A mini-split AC system is a ductless heat pump that is basically an airconditioning system that runs in two directions. When the heat pump is in cooling mode it will suck the hot air and send it outside. When it’s in the heating mode it’ll switch directions and will pump heat from the outside air into your home. (There is heat in the air even in cold climates. It will lose efficiency as the temperature drops.) With a heat pump, you won’t need to install and maintain separate heating and cooling systems.

Advantages of a Mini Split Heat Pump

  • All-in-one solution
  • Lower combined installation and maintenance costs
  • Uses less space than two systems

Learn more about the advantages of a mini split heat pump in Milton, PA by calling our team.

Get a Fully Operable Mini Split Heat Pump

Heat and Air Install and Repair is here to provide you with an exceptionally performing heating and cooling system. We’re dedicated to providing all of our clients with complete satisfaction. We provide different options for your perusal from geothermal heat pumps to mini split system installations and repairs. Get to know more about what we offer. Please be sure to ask about our 10-year worry-free guarantee that comes with your brand-new air conditioner replacement or installation.

When you’re in need of a quality mini split heat pump in Milton, PA give our experts a call at 570-742-3253 to get started.