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Our Heating Company Is Here to Serve

When you call a heating company in Milton, PA, you deserve an HVAC team that is primed to deliver proven results. When the blisteringly cold winter months arrive it’s essential for you to have a furnace that not only works but is optimized for your property. Our HVAC team is here to provide not only heating services but also cooling services that will help you through the hot summer months. Our main priority is to provide the very best indoor atmosphere for our customers at affordable prices, and with the high-quality standards that our customers have come to depend on. If you would like to set up an appointment for your furnace repair, please give us a phone call at 570-742-3253 now. 

Exceptional Heating Services For Your Cold Winter Nights

Slowly but steadily, the temperatures start to fall in the autumn. Once December arrives, your furnace should be operating at a nice capacity, heating your home smoothly and efficiently. However, if your furnace is making strange noises, or if your carbon monoxide detector has gone off, it’s time to call our team at Heat and Air Install and Repair. When you give us a call at 570-742-3253, you can expect to be put on the HVAC repair schedule straight away. Our crew understands how important your indoor comfort is which is why we will do everything in our power to not only arrive on time and on schedule for your HVAC services but to find a solution in record time.

Are You In Need of Annual Heater Services?

If you have an older heating system, it is especially important for you to have a standing annual appointment for heating services. This is because you never know when your furnace will need a cleaning or heater parts replacement. In order to be fully prepared, schedule your annual furnace maintenance about once a year during the fall. That way, your furnace will be perfectly calibrated and prepped for any unexpected weather events that could happen during the icy cold part of the year.

We Provide Gas, Propane, Oil and Heat Pump Heater Repair

Do you have a propane furnace? What about a gas furnace? In either circumstance, the procedures will differ based upon the fuel type. You deserve to have a team that is primed to deliver a fantastic HVAC solution regardless of what kind of fuel source is needed. One of the primary reasons our team started our own unique business is because we saw what the competition was delivering and we knew that we could provide the same services at more affordable prices, and at a better level of quality. It’s these virtues that instill trust and respect with our customers.

Whole House Air Purification Services To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If you struggle with asthma or seasonal allergies, it is very important for you to have the best indoor air quality possible. Our team at Heat and Air Install and Repair understands not only how important your indoor air quality is, but how important your health is. That is why we are proud to offer effective whole house air purification services so that each and every room in your home can have an effective increase in air quality. One of the other reasons why we support whole house air purification is because in older homes especially, the ductwork can collect an unusual amount of dust and dander. With the proper whole house air purification qualifications in place, you can experience the best quality air available.

Our Unique 10-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

When you invest in a brand-new air conditioner or furnace, we supply a 10-year worry-free guarantee to our customers. Essentially, our customers will receive free labor and repairs for ten years after the original installation provided they follow the energy efficiency agreement and pay the preliminary diagnostic fee. What are you waiting for? Please get in touch with our HVAC company today at 570-742-3253.

Please contact our heating company in Milton, PA today. We’d be happy to provide you with consultation after you reach out to us with a simple phone call at 570-742-3253.