Air Conditioner Company in Pennsylvania

Rely On Us As Your Local Air Conditioner Company

air conditionersWhen the temperatures rise outdoors, it pays to have an excellent air conditioner company in Pennsylvania. Our HVAC company started out with a very modest goal that becomes the foundation for our values. Our moral imperative is based upon the fact that our team was tired of working with HVAC companies that overcharged their customers and did not perform a good job with handling basic customer satisfaction standards. We aim to be different. As a new business, it is our ultimate objective to put our customers first with great HVAC services that they can depend on. Please reach out to us at 570-742-3253 to discover more about how we beat the HVAC competition at every turn.

Whole House Air Purification And More

The air you breathe is as vital as the purity of the water you drink. In order to be as healthy as possible, you and your family deserve to have the very best standards when it comes to breathing in indoor air. With whole-house air purification, you can rest assured that you will be breathing in the finest quality air available according to what the experts in the HVAC industry recommend. When you breathe in healthy air, you are avoiding the environmental contaminants, allergens, dust, and dander that can impact vulnerable airways and lungs in individuals. If you or someone you love struggles with seasonal allergies, whole-house air purification may be an excellent service for your residence. 

Our Ten-Year Worry-Free Guarantee On New Systems

One of the ways our team at Heat and Air Install and Repair is able to distinguish ourselves from the competition is through our 10-year worry-free guarantee. Essentially, this guarantee stipulates that we cover the manufacturer parts and the labor cost of any repairs for a new system for ten years. All you have to pay for is the diagnostic inspection fee if there is a problem with your new system and to sign an energy efficiency agreement. This agreement states that the customer will keep their equipment in great shape by investing in very basic routine maintenance on a yearly basis. You can expect that we will expertly install your new HVAC system and uphold ourselves to high standards due to the fact that we guarantee our systems for up to ten years.

Please give us a call at 570-742-3253 to get started on your heating and cooling services. We are proud to support our local community as your air conditioning company in Pennsylvania.